How To Build A Insurance Sales Machine

This course will show you how you can build an online insurance sales machine. All the way from getting the leads to making a sale

In 2012 I laucnhed my first website for generating leads. I had no idea what I was doing but I soon learnt the hard way.

My site generated leads for Insurance. Mainly Income Protection. In a very short time I had more leads that could deal with and no way
of managing them. I had paper and excel spreads coming out my ears. Then I found a rithum that worked.
The rythum was fome a process I called the machine. It was a proven formula that obtained the leads and more importanly nurtured them until I reached that magical number of 11% sucess rate. Yes, 11% of people that came on my site turned into a sale. And that's what you can do too by following the process that I developed. In this corse you will learn all about how to get the leads, how to set up an adwords account, facebook account right throught o the close over the phone. I have what's called a 3 step prcocess that works every time. I will also should you all the online tools, where to find them and how to use them. There's two main CRM's that I use and I'll give you the secret formular that you or someone else can follow to develope for you.
This made me $471,670 in commission in second year of businss. Then i sold the New Zealand rights to my business for $355,000 in two years. Why did I sell it? I enjoyed the marketing side more than I enjoyed the insurace. So I guess you have to do what your pasionate about. And that's why you too can learn what I did without having to pay the heavty sum to get you started.

What's included

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

John McCarthy